The Portland Art Museum offers a variety of services and amenities designed to maximize the overall quality of your event.  Its Sales and Production offices are poised to help you move forward with the planning of your event by offering:

  • Personal on-site tours of all rental spaces.
  • In-house AV, lighting, and production services with prompt and competitive quotes.
  • A comprehensive explanation of amenities and services.
  • Guidance in the selection of catering, and other preferred vendors.
  • Scaled floor plans and fire permit submissions, to your specifications.

The Museum offers a range of audio/visual services that can be tailored to the specific requirements of the occasion. In addition to our extensive audio/visual services, the Museum also offers Internet connectivity, fire in the urns at the entrance of the Mark Building, fly-points in the Kridel Ballroom, extra power and many other features.

Please call to discuss available amenities: 503-276-4291.